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Ceramic tiles and special parts
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Ceramic tiles are covering elements that are placed discontinuously on sloping roofs. They can be defined as parts obtained by pressing or extruding, drying and firing clay paste, which are used as a sealing element of the roof. This sealing is achieved by the characteristics of the material itself, the shape of the parts, the overlap between them and their correct installation.

Their versatility means that it is possible to obtain tiles in a variety of shapes. The addition of additives and the application of superficial treatments (engobes, glazes, etc.) enable different colours and finishes to be obtained.

Ceramic tiles should meet the specifications of standard UNE-EN 1304.

The use of ceramic tiles involves sloping roofs, with the advantage of being able to use the space under the roof as a loft or attic.

The roof protects the upper part of buildings from climatic phenomena: wind, rain, snow, cold and hot weather.

The functions that tiled roofs should meet are:

  • Watertightness, ensured by the tiles themselves.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Frost resistant.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Sealed to air, and if necessary, to vapour.
  • Soundproof.
  • Aesthetics and blending into the landscape.
  • Environmental-friendly.

All these functions should be continuous throughout the surface of the roof, and also at individual points.

It can therefore be confirmed that ceramic tiles are ideal for use on sloping roofs of any building.

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